Friendship is different from business

Some of my friends have complained to me of being really harsh on them at times and being unimaginably helpful at times, thus making them get confused about me. Some calls I don’t even pick for weeks. These behaviors has put my friends in dizzy. The fact is people fail to see the difference between friendship and business.

Friendship is part love, compassion to some one. Know that that person is suffering or needs something, you will extend your helping hand. Its like the free software movement. People in it love you and want to liberate you from the clutched of proprietary software. They don’t expect any thing in return.

On the other other hand business is capitalism. You must be in the rat race and come to the top and go to a club and drink and brag about yourself. Its all about money, strategy, cunningness and relationship. Nothing to do about love and compassion. Business mind is like a bastard dog fighting against another dog to get its bitch.

This is how business should be , but we humans for now have given up morality and I have done it so too and am not afraid to go to hell. So when one of my friend asks me for a business deal I think, should I have compassion for her / him? Is  the person worth to be my friend any more? Is the person really serious about business or is just a talker ? When I get the answers I decide weather or not to be his friend and the consequence follows.

It doesn’t mean that if I avoid some one for professional reasons i won’t be a friend to that one, and it doesn’t mean that if I think you are rotten soul I won’t do business with you, but sure I won’t be your friend. But people who confuse business and friendship are those ones who find my behavior erratic.

One more thing, I am friend to none. A friendship should be like the one between Karnan and Dhuriyodhanan, certainly I haven’t got that qualities and don’t wish to abuse the word friend by saying so.


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