Why are MBA’s so stupid?

Had a conversation with an MBA guy today. I just wish I never had it, an hour long unnecessary biz talk that was worthless to me. If an MBA wants to come into a tech industry he must know tech, learn to code, learn to build circuits, know the difficulties in it. Else tech people with think him or her as stupid. Of course most don’t tell it out, their salaries will disappear if they do.

I wonder why this study called MBA exists? How come you can administer a carpenter shop if you do not know about wood working? I simply don’t understand. Recently I found out MBA’s don’t even read about Psychology which is essential to managing people, and Strategy which is essential to running a business. That is stupid syllabus. I think all they know is money, money, money and some how I must become rich even if it happens to be being undignified.

Like every society in which the intelligent is ignored until a crisis arises, intelligent people are ignored until a crisis arises in a company. When it does so the MBA withdraws, asks advice from the tech people and when the tech people toil and solve it, MBA’s take away most of the wealth.

I think we engineers must stop cooperating with MBA’s, or if the cooperation is forced upon we must give wrong information to confuse them, and hop to companies that put tech first and avoids the MBA’s. Successful companies are run by people who don’t have the MBA minds but who understands every nut and bolt. They have created environments in which people  are free and not bound by stupid rules.

Looks like the art of management is to force an engineer build an iron bridge with wooden rivets and put the blame on him when it fails. And the art of engineer is not to become one of those MBA’s.


2 thoughts on “Why are MBA’s so stupid?

  1. Agreed.

    Every big company praises and rewards its management for the company’s success. Not the engineers and other doers that create and add the value, but rather the managers. The higher the management, the bigger the rewards. Management is the special key. That’s why they’re paid so much. That’s why they get bonuses (because they need to be bribed to do their jobs?!?!?). Because they are uniquely qualified to lead the company forward. If a company has a good year: management made that happen and they get rewarded. If a company has a bad year: the economy was bad, the markets were down, etc., and management still get rewarded.

    Yet those same companies routinely hire top talent who know nothing about the company’s products, markets, customers, etc. And those new managers often do a faceplant. I guess management isn’t so special after all.

  2. I’ve got an MBA from a small and inexpensive business school in Canada, so the MBA is not considered a big deal. Yet I’ve learned on psychology and strategy. The teachers knew a lot about what they were teaching. However I didn’t learn that much because of how superficial every thing was (every course was kind of a Marketing 101, Organizational Psychology 101, etc.), but I learned enough to know where to go to find more information, and I have a better idea of the challenges that the different units in my organization face (an example is IT), despite not being an IT person.

    I think a problem with the big school MBAs is that it’s all about the school’s reputation, and not about the curriculum at all. Another problem is how easy MBAs are, due to the type of people they attract and the desire to have high graduation rates. I did an MSc before my PhD in the health sciences, and the MSc was much harder to get than the MBA I got from the same school.

    Basically, despite having an MBA, I agree that yes MBAs tend to be stupid. However, I think that having an MBA can be useful (but isn’t worth it if you have to pay a lot of money for it).

    I randomly googled about stupid MBAs and here I am rambling on your blog post. Ciao!

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