Patents will fall soon

There is this new movement among the young, for example there is the rise of Pirate Party in Europe, and in Iceland its the largest party . What is piracy? This term was coined so that people on the internet look like thief’s. Internet is for sharing information, if you share information with some one thats on your hard disk its not a crime, but some people want it to be a crime because they can generate humongous wealth when thats done. Thats what companies like Apple are set to achieve soon. Those people simply don’t understand free flowing information may not be beneficial to them but its certainly beneficial to the entire humanity.

For example I am in India, if Indians share information say start using , then one will be alarmed to see the amount of neglect the politicians have on our people, it will force them to act. But information sharing should be free, privacy should be protected, distributed computing should flourish, the ideas like you have to be connected to a telephone providers server to access the Internet should vanish. People who think of making money by compromising ones right free and anonymous communication should be on the run. Frankly Facebook and Google must shut down.

For example Obama recently visited India, there were many goods in that, but one among the bad is he wanted cheap medicine makers in India who make millions live to be shut down so that US pharma people could profit enormously. He threatened us with patents. Patents are evil, they were designed to make information come out and not to be locked in, but they are been used for evil purpose by people who put money above human life’s. The rise of Pirates around the world and their victory would mean a victory for young people and victory for people who are brave enough to shed old ideas and come up with new ones. And this should happen.

Lets make a world where money serves people and not the other way around. Be proud and be a pirate.


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