Smoky Sithalapakkam

I would like to go for walks in the morning, but when I step out of my home, its smoke that I smell. Too much particulate matter in the air of Sithalapakkam. Discouraged, I return to home. There is a dump yard about a qyater kilometer away and they burn garbage, and they burn it raw. They have no incinerators or what so ever to make the burning complete and less pollution free, neither they have employed simple technology where the burned out matter is delivered to upper atmosphere, say 300 feet above ground using chimneys.

This is one of the perils of living in India. Politicians are so corrupt that even simplest of things won’t happen. Sithalapakkam that was once hailed for clean air and water is now water less and air is becoming unbreathable. This would naturally increase the cost of living. To be healthy, one must put air conditioners so that outside polluted air does not mix with the inside one, and one must install air purifiers to clean what ever particulate mater that enters into his or her home.

There could be trees around Sithalapakkam, but once again looks like lack of planning, there is very less tree density here. There is a talk around that one of the politicians built a flat on a land that should have been  a public park and sold it off. Who knows? Looks like its  going to be hell of a life here.


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