Its just pure luck

Ninety percent of all new business ventures fail. Apparently ten percent of the time you get lucky, and that’s enough to support a modern economy

— Dilbert Principle

People often ask me, what it takes to have a thriving business, and some idiots summon me by begging me to look at their business and tell some thing. Often I just find my friend has built a just another idiotic management which totally ignores its workers and stays disconnected from them. The management has no clue where it is and where it needs to go and it invites people like me to add more stupid stuff on their stupidity.

Who doesn’t want a free food, free stay and a lump sum money for anything thing you blabber? I mostly accept. I just pity the workers who work under such kind of management. Its mostly by luck things go right, and luck favors very few. My biz went right mostly by luck, thats it. Right from my college I have been seeing people who are more better than me achieve less than me. In my college it was painful. We are Tamilians and most of our people read their lessons in Tamil at school, but when in college, they have no option but to operate in English. Such stupidity by our country has thrown and is throwing many people out of luck and cultivating distaste for education.

Its very similar in business. A successful business is like successful rocket launch. Many things have to work in perfect order and perfect synchronization. Only thing is, in rocket launch people can control most aspects of it, in life and business you can’t.

One thing must be clear, not all can be rich. Capitalism does not pave way for that. It designed in such a way that most people run towards being rich unknowing like a donkey chasing a carrot, where the one who holds the carrot before the donkey is sitting on top of it.

Can we do anything about it? No. The rich are funding every institution that control us. Welcome to Oligarchic 1984.


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