My next career move

It was an unlikely place, a place where friends meet. It was in a Yahoo forum set up by my college friends I encountered  a Word GNU R. The GNU rang my bell. I was using a Windows computer, but I knew Windows will go out pushed by GNU Linux soon. I knew free software will rule, and so it did.

Now any great internet company is non existent without GNU Linux. GNU Linux is God. If you are reading this blog, its because this blog is hosted on GNU Linux server. GNU is an organization that helps you compute with freedom. It will be great if you can donate for it  here . I then stepped into HCL, an place where people like me hate to work, nearly died of boredom and came out and made my living quiet literally from GNU Linux. I became a web developer who could do stuff with LAMP stack, PHP was my God.

The next turning point came when I met Ruby and fell in love with it. Actually I was unable to deliver stuff at the right time to my clients and many times tings exceeded the budget. When my client gets pissed, I really get pissed off. I love food. I spend a lot for it. I love comfortable  sleep. Both are because of money. When something even remotely comes in the way I make money I get pissed off. Its like me living hungry and having sleepless nights with hunger. Have you any one been hungry? I never was really hungry, but I did avoid food for long time to stimulate how an hungry human would feel like, and when I did it, I was unable even to think. There would be no learning when there is hunger. I wish all food production and delivery is automated. Food prices should drop like computer prices do and it should be given by governments to every one free. Okay with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, I was sure that I can deliver software projects on a timely basis.

Now lets come to the point the second thing in GNU R, the  R is my future. You see there is so much data, so much that even stupid algorithms  can make some sense out of it when you feed them with really lot of stuff. This data explosion is called big data. Right now or very soon an algorithm written by a psychologist will scan through my blogs and one will be able to determine my behavior precisely. My employer and co-workers might like to know it. My application for job will accepted depending on what the alg says. For this lot of statistics are used.

I am now a web developer, I feel web pages are dumb, and Artificial Intelligence and learning should be integrated into it so that people feel that they get what they expect. Its there my future career will be. AI today depends heavily on stats and possibly R to make data analyst. One of my friend is a data scientist already, I have lot of catching up to do. I will soon bugging up my company to take a look into this new domain. Lets see lets see. Making money out of math is really fun.

If you are a data scientist / statistician or some weirdo in Chennai, please do try to contact me. Lets try to do some weird stat stuff. Have you try to fertilize soil with dead mosquitoes?


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