Dealing with MBA’s

There must be some course in Engineering / Diploma / Scientific education about dealing with stupids aka MBA. In almost all my business I have encountered these MBA’s and in almost all situations they are stupids who never understands business

Their understanding of science, math and computers are decimal and they claim that they can lead I.T industry. What the fuck, dam what the fuck. If you look at fast growing startups and companies where there are happiness there are no MBA’s in them. Which intelligent guy would hire some one trained to be a fool any way?

Recently I was talking to a business analyst, I told him we have a Javascript conference, and it would be great if he knows the technology that brings him money. He stayed away saying that he had nothing to do with Javascript though he markets for web industry. After the talk I had a hearty laugh. Hope he is not aware that I write blogs.

In another funny incident I encountered a project where mobile phone cameras were used to detect UV light. WHAT? Humans see colors of rainbow. We don’t see lights below red (infra red) and lights above violet (ultra violet), why should any engineer design a camera that detects and amplifies the spectrum we cannot see, that too in a cell phone where battery power is critical? I freaked out. Any way, why thats my bother?

Computing industry is based on science and math. If you put a emailer + spreadsheeter + sweettalker (to boss) + tyrant (to subordinates) = MBA and try to  run an industry under such people …. 😀


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