Who am I?

I just had a dream. I wake up and I realize all this, from zero to infinite, myself and everything doesn’t matter. It was all  a dream. I am god and I have woken up to reality that is totally void and I am the void. Since all is void there is no desire, no greed, no purpose or whatsoever. There is no happiness, no sadness, nothing is right, nothing is wrong, nothing is beautiful or ugly, there is no perception.

Then I slip into my dream and I wake up into this earth as human, and once again as myself, and I write this blog. Hope this is the dream and that was the reality.

How I wish to be enlightened, how I am not as I seek to be.

====== New Edit ============= After 2 mins ===============

NOW I AM ENLIGHTENED. Damn I am using Linux, and there is this fucking Microsoft and Apple and non free hardware and software to be destroyed. What the fuck……. I wish this is the reality. And idiots believe in god, they too must be killed. An those fucking MBA’s and administrators . GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Any one knows how to make a nuclear tipped missile?

I still need to master shell scripting. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

====== After another 2 minutes =====

Javascript bad parts

And that bloody Javascript, why would any one need it when there is Ruby? Damn………

===== After 3 mins ======

And my idiotic ex-girlfriends. Rot in hell if you are not using Linux.


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