Escape from Google & Facebook Tracking

Though Google may offer its mail and search free, it infact tracks you. Officially Google says it likes to give you a good search experience, but computer pundits have other doubts. When Edward Snowden came out with his NSA leaks, it became clear that Google and Facebook were giving your data to Governments without your consent. This means that if a tyrant ruled over you and if he wants to know who your friends are he could get it very easily by asking Google or Facebook, as you have given lot of information about you to them.

Governments could know all your personal information and can use against you at any time, the threat is very real. So how to escape out of these monsters? The answer is pretty much simple.

  1. Stop using Gmail
  2. Stop using Google search
  3. Stop using Facebook

If you think your life will end without them here are the alternatives:

Use Duck Duck Go

There is an excellent search engine called duck duck go that can be used instead of Google. It improving every day and it gives results that match and some times out performs Google. Th basic principle behind duck duck go is not to track you which is quiet excellent.

Use Open Mail Box

Have you been annoyed why Gmail asks you so many things just to open your email account? Do you know why it ask phone number, in fact in India it almost forces you to give your phone number. Thats not right. There is a another email solution called open mail box that does not forces you to give up your identity. So hit and get a mail that Google cannot track.

Use Diaspora

Another big privacy abuser is facebook. This company knows no online anonymity. It forces you to give you true identity, you can’t have multiple accounts, it censors your posts if your government asks them to censor it. It obeys American government and acts against other countries. Its one of the force thats unable to recognize digital freedom.

To combat facebook and escape from its tracking, join the diaspora network, this one respect ones freedom. You can start here

Final Word

Using these technologies does not mean that you are not untrackable, but it makes tracking and breaching of your privacy difficult. These moves would make your digital life more secure than its now.


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