Identifyig ultra stupid MBA’s

All MBA’s are kind of stupid. They give weightage to processes, obtaining power, going up the ladder, and think about money, than think about people, happiness and efficiency. They are suitable for regular jobs like night watch man, or a person who packs groceries in a bag in a super market. They are not quiet suitable for intellectual jobs.

In software industry, its a fully intellectual industry and people who are drivers of the industry, the coders almost never respect the MBA’s and MBA styled people. We just pretend to bow to them since they mostly control how much money ends up in  our pockets.

Okay lets come to the point, how to identify ultra stupid MBA? Have you ever met a person who says this “I don’t want questions, I want answers. ” Thats one thing that identifies ultra stupid MBA’s. It means to says that an MBA has no idea what he tasked us to do and he is ultra stupid enough not to listen to us. That guy / gal is like Saddam Heussein, he likes to hear no negative stories and does not have the enlightened to digest truth, inhuman enough not to listen to your concerns. Neither the person has brains enough to understand you, nor has the guts to fire you and / or admit his or her stupidity.

Basically that person is dumb . He is so dumb that he hasn’t realized that he has set up a trap and walked into it saying that he is dumb. If you encounter with such a dumb person, what to do? Bail out, try to bail out of the company. Its impossible to change those people. How can you make a rock understand that it has no brains? It has no brains to understand it has no brains!!!


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