Non Tamil Idiots

Its annoying, especially in hotels, if you order something, the guy you order too looks at your face as though he is an idiot. He does not know Tamil, he is fresh import from northern India and he is clueless. How many times I have ordered வெங்காயம் and had seen the person not responding. The worst being that the person just walks away.

When we need to goto the US or any English speaking nation, we have to write tests for its fluency, why can’t there be institutes in north that teaches Tamil to them? Why can’t hotels employ people who can speak Tamil? What about employing Tamilians from the southern districts of Tamilnadu? Why do we need these north Indian guys?

Its not only in cheap hotels does this happen, one day we had a treat from our friend in Barbecue nation, there too people did not know Tamil, and we had to pay so much to speak and hear a foreign tongue? Is this a good user experience? Is this good customer satisfaction?

I hope Tamilnadu gets autonomy or some sort, else we Tamils will be thrown out of our state just like Marathi’s are thrown out of Mumbai. Once we get autonomy Tamilnadu can be the fastest growing region in India, we can seek help from foreign powers to get our water problems solved. We can have our own Tamil education system, and possibly Tamil programming language and Tamil computing. If we had had these long ago, the Srilankan genocide wouldn’t have happened as we Tamils could have prevented it with military strike.

In many office people like me who are listened to just because we know English and Tamilians voices are muted will end, we can truly compete with our tech expertise without having fear that one needs to communicate in English. I hope it happens.


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