Where the middle class loose

Some friends of mine are getting smart, they have anticipated the fall of economy and are moving away from the I.T industry. Well. I am a computer freak, me moving out is tough, I am always in demand 😉 Some have good savings to start something of their own, they are grouping up to start something, other are not so fortunate.

One thing that irks me is the friends who do have money and are hesitant to start. I find this common thing, people say that its too low class. Starting a bonda shop is low class, starting a briyani shop is low class, starting a tea shop is low class. Then what else? If those are low class, why not start a steel factory, or a semiconductor fab? That surely can’t be low class.

I am quiet confident that most of the industries my friends start would go bust. Your business should be like your kid, in fact more than your kid. You feed more mouths in a business, whereas your kid just has one. Successful business people understand that. When you start a business its like a commitment you make to the society that you will improve the life’s of some of its citizens in some way, it should not focus on money first.

Rich people, who have lot of money don’t have this problem, they can be without money concentrating on satisfying their clients first, then they gain market and make money. For the middle class they are not so lucky. Apart from their life savings they have to put lot of work, thats why many middle class people join together to start a business. But where they fail is to recognize they have to forget food, sleep, family and other pleasures and concentrate on their business alone to make it a success. Thats a damn tough thing to do.

One should not look at dignity and should have no shame to start and run a business, one must be ruthless towards ones ideals and goals so that he or she can succeed, unless my dear friends do it, I am afraid, most will fail.


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