Behaviour of a stained leader

Every one knows Congress is more of a business than a country loving party. It promotes dynastic politics, turns a blind eye to corruption done by congressmen and their friends. BJP is corrupt too but not like congress.

Though L.K.Advani is a racist (what the heck you think of demolition of Babri Masjid? It was like seeing reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and the uplift of Aryan race once again), he has been a strong crusader for anti-corrupt India. When charges were laid against him, he resigned immediately from his post. The truth is, this is how any leader should behave.

You must believe in yourself. Once your role is question, you must step down from the role, clear the questions that others have and once you are unstained, you must resume back if you feel you have the energy for leadership.

What Sushma Swaraj and Vasundra Raje are doing is nothing but murder of leadership and political ethics which BJP was so proud of, and one that gave BJP moral superiority over congress. They are so thick skinned that they could have better been born as buffaloes rather than humans who should be sensitive to voices of others.

They stay put in their position even after Advani has hinted they must resign. Was their respect for Advani superficial? Did they act as though they respected Advani so that they could climb up the political ladder? Now they they are up they have now kicked him? Do they think among 1.4 billion Indians there is no replacement for them?

If BJP looses its moral ground, it would be a no better than Congress in terms of corruption, plus its a racist party too. Hence good brained young blood would like to support it?

BJP talks a lot about tradition and Indian values. It should not forget that this is a country where people did not hesitate to end themselves once their integrity and dignity are questioned. Of course these things (ending lives) are now outlawed, at least they must stop behaving like buffaloes in rain.


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