HCL Trash

We all know corporate companies are populated with stupid people. People who like to see Orwellian 1984 and are comfortable with it. And funny things happen in corporates that will prove to us a corporate is nothing but a mental hospital that makes money. So here are stories from one corporate HCL.

Once an HCL manager complained that his system is slow, the I.T department changed his CPU, Keyboard and Mouse. Then one fine day the new system too became slow again, and the manager trashed I.T saying that the system is still slow because they did not change the monitor.

Once an HCL manager praised his subordinate for the excellent work he did that solved a problem, he even referred to him as a King in work, then on the very next day during appraisal meeting he told the “King”, ‘what the heck have you done, you have done nothing and hence you would get no hike in salary’ and sent him off back to work. The King just realized he is just another slaved who was called a King.

One guy in HCL works for a team in which all cultural activities are banned. During one of the grading meets he was called and given grade C instead of A or B. The reason: he did not participate in any cultural event.

Many people in HCL recently received an hike of Rs 100 if they are developers and 200 if they are team leads. They are surprised and don’t know how to spend so much money, as even an Pizza would cost Rs 400/- in India!!

Any way for me these does not surprise me as I myself worked in HCL and am happy to be out of that mental asylum.


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