Spending patterns

There are people who claim they don’t have enough all the time, and there are people who earn much less them who seem to have enough. The difference is the way of thought. One needs to understand the mind set, the mind set of a worker vs that of an owner.

An employee spending pattern is that of one who spends his future away. Lets say that one gets a salary of Rs 100 a month, but he yearn for a Television thats Rs 1000. He gets a loan that will make him pay the loan back in 4 years, then he must work for 4 years, and part of his life is owned by the bank that gave him this loan. The person might claim he has developed fast, but its only a short term spurt. If the person desires more and more, he must take more and more loans that will make him spend off his future for present. Who knows what the future holds?

The spending pattern of a person who owns a business will be different. His client might have promised a payment and might have differed on it, but his employee spends his future off, because he his dependent on the salary given by the business. A business man can’t say no to promised salary and payments. So business person always spends as though he will be bankrupt tomorrow. He would save to meet the unexpected. His spending will take a pattern that would pay back and reinforce the business. Its like a polar bear eating a lot so that lean winters can be coped and life could continue after that.

Person or business who spends, conscious of the future, will hardly fall economically. Some great businesses that have been built via generations have been built this way. But its not that they can’t be won. Young minds who can predict the future take risks, take disruptive actions, like the fall of Windows to Linux.

So how you must spend? When you don’t have money, spend like you own a business, when you do have lot of money be disruptive and spend like an employee betting on conquering the future. You can fail and still live.


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