Anti alcohol movement undermines user freedom

A human has the right to be happy, and a adult human is not a baby. One should have the right to enjoy his life any way he want, thats his right. If a man finds alcohol is his enjoyment, so should he be let to indulge in it. Policing and telling him what to do is not freedom and neither any human in this universe has the right to control any other one.

This anti alcohol movement in Tamilnadu is a violation of basic human right. If scores of families are getting lost due to people indulging in alcohol, let that happen. If a human truly loves his family will he indulge in alcohol? And let it ruin his family? Its for that human to decide.

I strongly feel in a nation where money is supreme than morality, alcohol, prostitution, smoke, drugs should be freely available coupled with strong respect for individuality and strong implementation of law. If thats so, those who could be destroyed with wine, woman, wealth and those who cold destroyed by men, money, material and desire would be destroyed. A super race of tolerant people, morally superior would emerge out.

Evil has the excellent power to weed out itself and let good prevail, and we must let that happen.


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