Need to roll up my sleeves and must market for my product Kardrak ( http://kardrak.com ) , its just a simple website where one can create a simple visiting card and let the world search for it.

Well, whats so big about it? Nothing, nothing is big about it but possibly there are few points:

  1. There are no Google, Facebook or any other tracking on Kardrak. Say you are searching for a plumber, Google will not know about it if you do it on Kardrak, there is no tracking. Not even we will know of it.
  2. There is no hiding of data, or prioritizing of result depending on customers paying us, because there is no pay involved, all cards stored in Kardrak will be the same and will receive same impartial treatment.
  3. Kardrak won’t bug you like any other business network does

Its just be a big dumb business or telephone directory where almost any one on this planet can be searched and their contact details could be got. As simple as it is.

This simplicity, openness and impartiality we offer will throw a great new possibilities for businesses. They can get contacts of people who they can make trade with free of cost. That could change this planet. So lets wait and watch.


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