Our education system infuses a thought of superiority and inferiority that ruins our intellect. That must change.

I lead a team in my company, possibly the best skilled and disciplined team my company has now. I am proud of them. My lead technique is simple, let my team have common sense and cultivate the brain of their own. Once they can think enough, all I need to do is to pass high level instructions and watch youtube.

But there are some “what the fuck” movements. My team knows very well I care nothing about their personal traits, only their professionalism is what I am bothered about.

And here is first what the fuck. One of my team mate asked me permission so that he could go out for 5 minutes. WHAT!!!!! Why should I care weather he goes out for 5 minutes or a century?! I am trying to build a team on anarchist principle where people manage themselves and then this one happens out of the blue.

Another incident happened where one of my colleague asked me permission to go early. I have never ever laid out timings for my team, and this one stunned me, more stunning was he gave me a reason why he wants to leave early. For a person who has strict rule not to indulge in peoples personal reasons this was kind of a stunner.

In India, even in an intellectual industry like information technology people have the sense of superiority and inferiority, thats stupid, that clearly points to the lack of intellect in the organization. I must infuse more of independent thought into my team and make them more formidable thinking force that does things other teams never would have dreamed of. Till then I am failure.

Any way here is the Zeroth what the fuck. Long time ago, a head weight manager once pulled my team mate and tortured him jut because she saw him playing games, any way I roasted her and am waiting to roast her more when opportunity is available (i.e when her head wight grows again). None messes up with me.


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