Ramayana, my stlye

I can understand people being dumb, what I can’t understand is that why mighty lord Vishnu is dumb? So is lord Shiva! First why the heck Shiva gave a stupid boon to Ravanan? If I were him I wouldn’t have done it. Why? What the fuck I am God, I know whats going to happen. A bloody war and thousands of lives lost. What the heck!

Okay the stupid Shiva gave a boon that Ravanan that he cannot be destroyed by this and that. Okay fine, but if I were lord Vishnu, why would I need to incarnate as Raman to finish off Ravanan? In the agreement between Shiva and Ravanan, Ravanan did not say that he must not be roasted by a death ray laser. Vishnu could have built a laser and roasted him. He did not say he must not be killed by Virus or a Nanobot, fuck if I were Vishnu, I am god, I would make Virus and Nanobots so that his (Ravanan’s) own body would turn against him and he would die.

Neither did Ravanan  say he mustn’t be electrocuted. Dam if I were Vishnu, I would have told him I invented something (after incarnating as human) and once he holds those wires, I would start a generator, that would have killed him. Fuck I am God, I can move technologies backward in time!!!!

I would have taught him to take drugs, he would have got addicted and would have killed himself.

Neither Ravanan said he should not be killed by a joke

Bloody, I am God, I can write a funniest joke and let him read it by accident. Gods should be less stupid.


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