Corporate Gmail is quiet good

If you don’t mind being spied upon, then Gmail is quiet good, for personal use. Though programs like mail pile , enigmail are challenging it, and you do have Open mailbox which is providing you with free mail and dropbox like storage. Well this blog is not about that, this is about what can be done with corporate email and how to overcome its annoyance.

I am a developer, I like to have distraction free environment while I code, but in the name of agile I have to check may email now and then to scan for changes in the software requirement and build those changes into the code. Usually the old feature gets commented out, because the managers forget about the change and after few days ask why the old stuff is not is not working, we than comment the new one and uncomment the old one, and as per the management another brand new feature is done in record time 😀 .

This month was really annoying, I saw a mail that we got Independence on Aug 15th, I already knew that and it annoyed me. Its just a reminder that its not the British, but the sons and daughters of mother India rape her. Then series of mails came from a team to install their software onto my phone, and then some stupid celebration, and some mail for running event. Annoying, annoying annoying. My company seems to have turned into my girlfriend, I can’t leave it, but it nags me. Plus which girl pays you for staying with her?

I spamed those mails, some got muted, but those mails that came from Google hosting of my company’s mails couldn’t be spamed. Google offers my company admins a feature, by turning it on, even though I spam mail that come from my company domain they really won’t get spamed.

Well, then once again I get these mails, happy this day from another crap guy/girl and happy that, install this and you will get a million dollars, get a free movie ticket… and blah blah. I was wondering weather my company was a software company or a company of sales men and woman. I asked my friend what to do. He too is a tech guy and doesn’t like these mails that waste time. He guided me, I ended up using these filters. Now I am able to target people, if those marketing people send me emails, it gets auto deleted! Wow! Fuck alleyluyaah, fucking masha allah, fuck fuck fucking god!!! Now I can concentrate on my work than on deleting annoying stuff.  My trust in Gmail has been restored. Its good that Google thought about it.


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