Dark desire to control people

I wonder whats the dark desire in humans that makes them yearn to control other humans? For example if you buy Windows or an Apple computer, there are certain things you simply can’t do in it. Though you think you own it, you really don’t. I find people with these sort of minds disturbing.

For example I live in a country called India, there is a excellent singer called Yesudas, he is well respected, but he is staunch Hindu and it shined one day when he said “Girls should be banned wearing jeans”. It took the nation by surprise that a man who was so good could hide such an evil because he is religious. This is how he  looks

Today I saw a photo that shook me, this is photo of Iranian women

Could you believe it? We would think Islam women would be fully covered, introvert, locked up in their home, they wear an dress thats really good to hide bombs, but look at the picture and watch Iranian woman now. I thought Iranian woman were religious fanatics for thousands of years, but this one is from 1979, and these poor women must wear that full black dress the next day, they were protesting about it.

I feel so sorry for them. Imagine if one were your girlfriend, or loved one, would you like them shackled by religious beliefs or would you like them to enjoy their life the way they want? Today Iran looks like as its been invaded by Pakistan and is been controlled by Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim 😦

How much they must have felt when their freedom is lost. Its like living in a country that doesn’t let you kill your self, and at the same time does not pay minimum wage to live your life in dignity even if you did nothing. Now wait I am talking about my country India. Damn bloody humans…!

These kind of things scares me. Wonder why people want to control others so much even though it doesn’t really matter if the other one enjoys his or her life. There is some kind of evil in humans that must be destroyed at all costs. Any way all the best to woman in Iran, I hope they can turn around their nation to come out of this religious fanaticism. Then we men could enjoy their beauty 😉 . Yeah babes, we are waiting!!!


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