Concentrating on toll free Indian numbers @ Kardrak

This weekend @ Kardrak, we are concentrating on toll free numbers. There is no one place where all toll free numbers are available in India, we wish to change that. We want Kardrak to have all listed toll free numbers that are listed in India. With our very limited resources we know thats an impossibility, but we will try. To get toll free numbers in India just visit , we will be adding more and more as we find it.

There will be two other improvements this week. The first will be more on search engine optimization. Ones ranking will be increased on Google if he adds his card to Kardrak. Second one is we will be releasing Open API. It should have been released last week, but due to heavy work at my office, I had to delay it as I needed rest in weekends. Possibly some one will pick it up and release a Kardrak Android and iPhone app. Lets see.

If you are a mobile developer and want to work for Kardrak, contact me . Of course I can’t afford to pay you now.


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