Crap people world

Damn its Sunday night, all the tech blog I wish to write this week haven’t materialized. The heck with Mondays and boring work and capitalism. These capitalists, bankers, managers and believers in the system are taking away fun in human life. Like all life we are designed to enjoy it, ones brain is more comfortable following itself than to follow some ones ideas and let that person achieve greatness on ones behalf.

A  lot of stuff has been used in the past and now to subdue free thought of human and make them slaves. Religious people for instance told us that there would be a place called hell where we would be in eternal peril if we do not listen to them, thus they destroyed free thought. Kings, Queens, Corporations, people who have the evil desire to control others put rules, and if they are not followed punish those who did not thus caused fear and induced free thought into ones heart.

Today we are so mechanized, automated and stuff around us are getting intelligent day by day. A farmer can produce in one year a food thats enough for 3000 people, that is if he works for one year, he has enough food to live for rest 2999 years. Yet we see him work hard, hard and hard for a long time. Many people  do jobs they don’t like and that are really not necessary  and get paid for it. The MBA people for example, all they do is to communicate stuff from one place to another. A telephone line would do that, and they get paid for that in huge, compared to other workers.

The people who do the real job don’t get recognition either, ask any one who built the Tajmahal and they would shamelessly say its Shajahaan, which blissfully ignores the thought off architects, works of craftsmen and masons and many other people. It also ignores the money that tax payers paid just to see it all end up in one large grave for a fucking bitch that seduced a brainless king.

The world is at the best Crap, its been run by crap people, I wonder they had made most of others crap too, so if democracy rules, crap would always prevail. Now if you think the world isn’t filled with crap heads answer this, is a civilization considered stupid if its ruled by its own inventions? What do you then think about calendars, time, money…. and much more?`


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