Kardrak becomes more SEO friendly

Well, in this week of code iteration, we have made sure Kardrak has become more SEO friendly. We have found some startling stuff about search engines and their algorithms.

In my blog seized by Tamilnadu police (yup India is not a true democracy) https://karthikeyanblogs.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/be-honest-than-seo/ , I had argued that one must be honest than making his page SEO, but here I am concentrating on SEO, why? The reason is simple, thats my blog, and I don’t like SEO, Kardrak is an enterprise which I am building for wellness of humanity and especially people who like them and their businesses known to the world, hence it has got SEO features. I wish search engines will pick it up soon and better rank us.

So lets see what the future holds… 😀


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