Kardrak may not become a fucked up

Startups are difficult, possibly 3 out of thousand really get the money to keep going, and you have lot of stuff to click. If the startup reaches one year and isn’t going as planned its called fucked up and not a startup any more.

I had 8 startups under my belt and all of them became fucked up, mostly due to lack of funding. But possibly not Kardrak, as its finances are now managed well. Well, for now, and I feel I have teamed with right people.

Right people are important. We need to find people, people who believe in the idea, at the same time challenge ideas, entertain dissent and opposition with a smile, these are very essential for a startup. And one must be as lean as possible yet doing lot of stuff. Efficiency is the prime.

Till now Kardrak looks good. Yes there are challenges, lot of technical ones too, we could burn out our money and solve them all, but we are applying our brains not to do so, but seek cost effective efficient ways.

I get a kind of feeling that Kardrak will prevail and won’t become a fucked up. So lets see about it. Its picking up, thats good to watch.


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