OSM drone project

Open street map is bloody awesome. Its philosophy makes it far superior to Google maps, there are stuff mapped in it which Google cannot have, like inside of IIT Chennai, which in Google shows as a huge green patch. Google map owns all the data you post to it, but Open street map is open to all and was started with a good intention. No money in mind, its less of management and making profit, but its more focused on providing mapping data to humanity, thats great.

But there is one huge drawback, OSM is not rich enough to have its own satellites and take pics of this planet, some one must provide it. Luckily many people are building  their own drones and they put a camera at its bottom, why can’t they fly it around, take pics with GPS and give it to OSM?

That would be bloody awesome, they can have a satisfaction that they did something great to human race and they could have an flying experience too. Currently OSM is getting pics of earth from Bing. Well Bing is Microsoft, a money minded company than a tech one so…. Nope in the long run.


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