Working from home has benefits

Chennai was flooded last week and the week before. My office needs people to be in, we still use Desktops that can’t be carried around, fortunately they had given me a laptop. Reluctantly with my team there and my area surrounded by floods, I started to work.

It has been a year since I moved to new office and stopped working from home apart from my own personal projects. My personals projects were easy and breeze to complete. I thought in a power structure, there is bound to be bureaucracy and hence my time in company seemed to be less productive.

But this time even though I worked on on company project I seemed to be highly productive and was able to review code much faster. Possibly my travel time was cut (which in present company is at may 45 mins, if roads are not hopelessly blocked), there were less people bothering me or something.

Working from home does have benefits, and companies must use it. People must come out of conservative, bureaucratic and factory system methodology. Companies must respect intellectuality and must let people work from home, and they must trust their employees who they have tasked to work.

We are not in star trek era where humans work only if they wished to work. That might happen in A.D 10,000? Or perhaps never! Till then there will always be a conflict among those who have more and those who have less.


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