Chennai Flood – Sithalapakam Okay


Saturday 05 December 2015 11:11:05 AM IST

Compared to other places, I would say that the time in Sithalapakkam is okay in the time of flood. We are cut out from mainland Chennai, of course some things are scarce. The money has run out, so has it in Chennai. People have accounts in bank, full of money, but since there is no power and networks are down, only some ATM’s worked. HDFC worked well, and people swamped it to take out cash. It too ran dry soon.

A store named AGS has become legendary in Sithalapakkam. Knowing that people have run out of money the owner just asks ones name and contacts. Writing it down, you can purchase stuff upto Rs 2000/-, thats very important, we were able to manage without aid from any where. One good thing for Chennai is that non Chennai people are fleeing the city like rats on a sinking ship. Thats great. Chennai’s population should have been limited long long back, failing in that quest has resulted in much traffic jams and blah blah. One can enjoy the beauty and spirit of Chennai only during holidays when all the unnecessary people are out and the right amount is in the city. The roads would be clean, less traffic, less litter and it would be a pleasure to drive in city.

I wonder how is Jaya, the people phobic Chief Minister is? She wouldn’t have even suffered a flicker of power.I wonder weather she has really met people, walked in flood water. I hate her for her lack of admin capabilities. I feel that she must use her glamor just to get votes, and after victory, some one knowledgeable should rule Tamilnadu. Frankly she sucks. DMK has got great administrative mind, but its just party like the congress which is family centric. Rather than using their intellect to lift the state, they mostly use it to loot the state for their personal needs. They are one of the richest families in world says gossip.

I wonder when the power in Sithalapakkam will be back. Its been more than 120 hourss without power and I can’t believe we are still holding out. If it was USA people would be killing each other. Tamilnadu has very weak policing, and some good spirit in Tamils that keeps law and order calm here. No matter if you are a Tamil, Telgu, Aryan, Kannada, Hindi and what ever else, you are one of our mamz and machi’s. There seems to be no racism here. Jane Goodall found ethnic cleansing in chimps too, but some how it seems to be absent in Tamil.

Even when people dug out the Indus valley they found it to be really non violent, they simply did not have arms, they seem to be superiorly evolved towards God than towards animals like USA and Arab world has evolved now. The same thing (evolution towards God) you can find with Tibet. Its one of the modern country that has demilitarized based on Buddhist philosophy, until one fine day China invaded it, killing 10 million of them and then announcing that Tibet is a part of China. Bhutanese too are evolving into great society, thanks to India, it can be free, had it had access to China quiet easily, it would have been just another part of China.

Any way coming back to ground reality. Looks like the state government has got 2000 Crore of cash aid for Chennai. Chennai’s peak population is 1.3 crore, possibly 0.3 of it has gone to their “home”, and now we have got Rs 2000/- for an head. Wonder if the people are getting the amount or its stashed into politicians and their families homes so that one could buy votes in the coming elections.

Any way to summarize all our experience, we can say that we the people are the victims of politicians and real estate companies greed. We must be brave either to control nature or to return stuff to nature so that we can be in harmony.


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