Come back to Chennai after a week or two

Hello Migrants,

Its a good thing that you have lifted Chennai, by ages some of you have become permanent residents of Chennai forgetting your home land. Thanks for contributing to my city. Three generations ago, to my family Chennai was not their city. Now it is mine I feel.

Some of the people, especially youngsters want to come back to city due to job pressure, pressure from companies and blah blah. but have you considered these points

  • To your family and loved ones its you than your money thats important
  • Will your boss / company treat you well once if he knows he can no longer earn from you?
  • There are still lot of rain in Chennai. I am out of fuel and money and I am stranded in my own city. I know people here and am surviving what about you?
  • Even if your boss threatens to throw you out, is this the only job you can get? Is Chennai the only city where you can live?
  • If you die there will be 2 minutes of silence in your office, even if 10 people in your office die there will just be 2 minutes of silence. nothing more.
  • If you fail to meet your clients expectation will your boss think for 2 minutes silently before yelling at you?
  • Please realize life is more than work, humans are more than money.
  • Don’t you think over population in Chennai will increase commodity prices?

Once Chennai sees Sun, and when there is no confusion in your loved ones heart come here. Till then enjoy life and don’t gamble it for filthy money.



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