Project Management is not Bowing

Not just myself, but many of my friends find ourselves in management. I have a regular job that I wish to keep me outside management, but I offer guidance to lot of businesses which are none the less management decisions. Most of my friends are managers too. There is one disturbing thing I find about managers, that is they bow to their superiors and those who are their revenue source.

I wonder why people of science need to bow to any one? Information technology is a branch of science, its not art. Definitely not art like Tamilian politics where all fall to Jayalalitha’s feet.

Politics may be an art, because relatively dumb fellows dominate it. They are dumb enough to ignore human race progress and just see the progress of their families, but we men and woman of science should not be so.

We should not be cowards like those in DMK, AIADMK, but we must be brave enough to face our future. Its the project managers duty to understand team psychology, their mood, and what is possible by science with the given resources, and to say it blunt to people who demand work.

I have seen brave managers. At least one exists in the job I work now, and he is a lion, no doubt. People with bravery must exist and prevail, the role of project manager is like that of shield of Spartan, to protect the people who do real work behind him. When the moment is opportune to strike, the people behind you will strike at a problem and use you as your confident booster seeking another place to strike and improve the situation.

Instead if one becomes a shield to problem giver and client, its like general of an army receiving bribes to sacrifice his troops to the enemy, and at the end he will tell his king that his troops did not perform well in battle so he lost. This cowardly behavior, by a good king will not be treated as an art of money making, or making peace with a problem, but will be treated as a treason.

So I wish people realize that project management is not bowing, but its to form a phalanx of shields and motivating people to face come what may. One may loose one or two dumb clients, coward soldiers might flee, but not all world is dumb and not all world is coward. You will find the right people some day.


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