Yahoo eliminates testers

I never imagined it will ever happen. Many companies do eliminate Business Analyst (BA) and Managers as cost cutting measure. The cycle goes on like this, a company earns money and becomes successful, the stakeholders think that they can expand more and get more money, they want some one to carry on their dream. Technicians and science guys are logical and don’t listen to stakeholders voice, you need a good and obedient person (aka slave in tech terms), so you hunt for Managers (MBA’s and BA’s) who are trained to see money and be a yes boss person. Then like all cycle there is too much expansion, usually good companies throw out Managers as they are relatively unskilled in tech, but some ignorant code houses throw out tech people too.

At first it looks like yahoo is an ignorant code house. Almost all they they had done became really non innovative at last. Yahoo has thrown out almost all its testers! I guess its a company that doesn’t give thinkers the much needed freedom but concentrate on money instead. But surprisingly Yahoo boasts off it move, says that developers have created automated testing tools.

Well, automated testing is great, I wish they had not eliminated the entire manual testing. Yahoo’s statement seems to be too bold, they say they simply have moved testing to the consumer! Thats a bold move. In traditional Indian companies we don’t have huge budget for testers, hence we do push some of the testing to client. If the client knows about software development, it works, else if he complains to the management, usually people get roasted and find themselves caught unaware to the mood swings of client, and thats it, the project starts to crumble.

It would be great if we in India can do the stuff done by yahoo people, but do we live in an environment that has patience and enough wealth and boldness to foster research and free thought?


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