Why Bible Sucks

All religions suck. They mislead people in accepting things in the name of God or Karma and Fate (in case of Buddhism and Hinduism). So here is my text of why Bile sucks and science does not.

First Adam and Eve were thrown out of heaven. Lets say that heaven did exist. How the heck did they descend to earth? Was it Startreak like teleportation? Was it using some rockets? Balloons? Parachutes? We don’t know.

Next Eve and Adam  both ate the fruit of knowledge, so they got knowledge to question God. Eve and Adam are both humans, mammals and do you know a mammal is not a single life form? Yes we host many life’s in us that range from good bacteria and enzymes that digest our food to do host of other chemical activities that our native cells can’t do.

In fact there are more amount of foreign bodies in us than our own cells. We through many millions of years have symbiotically known to live with it. So as the fruit went into our gut, millions of bacteria might have fed on it too. Why didn’t they get knowledge and become as intelligent like us.

Now lets see how science works. Today any good human of science knows that Newton’s theories are wrong. Yes they are, though we use them to send probes to Mars, those are only approximations. As things move near to the speed of light, his theories fails and we have a new theory called relativity.

Without relativity, there will be no proper functioning of the GPS. In fact software corrects GPS satellites now and then as their clock speeds vary from that of the one on Earth. The way science deals with stuff is simple, if a theory fails to be compatible or true, we throw it out.

Todays quantum physics discovery questions relativity, and if proven enough, who  knows relativity may be a approximation for macro space and we need a new theory that integrates both quantum and macro space. Science will change then.

The problem with religious people is no matter what ever evidence mounts against them, they fail to modify the text in Bible, Kuran or what ever. They adamantly claim what they believe is true and will be true for ever. They never change.


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