Why God does not exist in my world?


When ever I say I am an atheist, many people get baffled. I am from India, a country known for its creation of religion and Godmen. Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Sufi-ism, and countless other Godmen / Godwoman and even Gods and and Godesses were created here. No wonder people in my country really believe in God. To many, this universe without God is unacceptable.

What shocks many though is I was taught that God did exist. I was first put in a Catholic school, and then in an Hindu one, and I believed in God. I am from a very strict family that follows religion. People ask me as though had some thing happened in my life that made me change my belief in God. Thats not true. Nothing in my life so dramatic had happen. I live a full life (except for landing on Mars).

So what made me change? First a realization that there is no God, no Satan, no Ghosts or no supernatural stuff or what so ever. This came about as I read about religion and found so many inconsistencies. I even thought the person who did create religions and sects to be stupid. Almost all their ideas were flawed and so childish. I wouldn’t be surprised if in another 100 years Santa Claus was worshiped as God. Second, I was interested how this universe worked. I had scientific education, and then I realized how scientists and thinkers debunked the concept of God, one at a time.

People like Copernicus who were men of church were so afraid to publish their work. Galileo, did speak out, but was humiliated by church. But then after him, Newton and others explained the universe very well. Charles Darwin finally put an nail in coffin when he told us his great theory of evolution.

So God is not there, why do we need it any more? Well lets see why it was formed. I read this article http://www.economist.com/news/books-and-arts/21688835-belief-divine-punishment-may-be-inherent-and-useful-evolutionary-adaptation-helping , which claims that belief in God might have made one society more successful than other. That might be very correct. Whats humanity without any morality? One must respect others feelings. So should we never forget God?

The answer is no. Creation of God concept by humans is possibly one of the greatest and successful invention ever, comparable to invention of fire. But today we know the truth. We can explain stuff, the working of the universe in a very successful way without the need of God or Satan or supernatural phenomenon. But then what would happen to morality if God disappears?

I don’t believe in God. But I don’t think I am a bad guy. Its not just me, many people who are hurt by me will agree to that too. Why do I need to know or to be precise need to be fooled that something is watching me so I have to be morally superior. Why can’t I be morally superior just like that?

If I see a man walking down the road, I can kill him and take his money, but the law might catch me (well if there is very less corruption in India). Though I could get away, I think harming another person for no reason is not a good thing. Why should I harm a human being? Perhaps if we leave out the concept of God and accept the fact that we are one among the animal kingdom, we as humans can promote not to harm any species with consciousness. As a staunch non-vegetarian my heart sinks knowing that I should not eat meat morally, but what about lab grown meat? Science will help me in that, not nonexistent God. Till that day I must be guilty of getting conscious life’s getting killed on my behalf.


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