BJP’s void promises


A great BJP leader, Pon Radha Krishnan vowed that in Tamilnadu the festival of Jallikattu will take place. Every one believed him, he did this and that, but finally that did not happen, or BJP somehow made its hidden agenda work, making the people go angry on PETA.

When Silambarasan sang the beep song, womens groups got angry and filed cases against him, possibly making him flee the state or at least made him go into hiding. Now three girls who are abused by a college in Kallakurichi have either been murdered or died in some way. Wonder where the womens association is?

For the death of girls, Tahmizh Isai Sounderajan of the BJP has given a voice. I am sorry for the pathetic state of BJP. They want to win the heart of Tamilians before the Tamil election in Tamilnadu that will take place soon. But unfortunately they are not finishers. They take up a task and they talk with optimism and finally stuff goes void, and thats it.

I don’t think that college where the girls died can be touched. Its a medical institution and 100’s of crores could be earned by them every year. If they are bothered by politicians, all they will do is to show money to them and the law so that things will shut up.

If BJP is taking on a stuff, it must finish it off. Right now its just politics than anything else.


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