Github falls under management guillotine

We all like Github. For long it has been good to us and never demanded any thing for free software projects. If a developer like you and me got a call from that company to work there, we would not hesitate to make the move. We have always dreamed that work over there was engineers and technician friendly and an environment conducive for thinkers. But not any more.

I was in diaspora when Y-combinator shred this link

It talked about how Github has fallen to management people. Like Sun Microsystems and MySQL sale to Oracle. Who loves Java any more? These people are doing what the management people does, quenching voices of descent, put an lawyer, yes an lawyer to control some of the things, banned  remote work, brining in “yes boss” goat culture and blah blah.

It was tough to read. I think I must see some other hosting service for my free software projects or something.

Any good technician and skilled worker knows that management people suck. In the name of taking world changing decisions they commit blunders, walk into traps. But they are good at communicating and finding scape goats to their problems. In fact they do no real work, they just assign work to other people, and when things goes wrongs, its the workers who had done the bad stuff.

They are heartless and go by numbers, spreadsheet, and see how much money they can pull out from the money they put in. In other words they are brainless machines who don’t have intelligence enough to walk out of the religious trap they have walked into. But unlike people of science, they don’t care about others and are greedy, thus they have control of the world and finance.

I can’t imagine why the people of Github are dumb enough to let their organization to be controlled by people who think control of people is their duty or right. I feel very sad for the demise of happiness in Github.


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