Stupid Axis Bank Credit Card

Got a fucking call from Axis Bank Credit Card department. They said a credit card has been approved for me. I said I don’t need a credit card, but they said its approved. Its like this,  I walk down a street, a waiter from the hotel runs to me and says “sir your food is ready”, I say “I am not hungry” for which the waiter replies “no sir we know you have money in your pocket and we want to empty it”.

Sweet talk, girls voice, and blah blah have trapped many in this credit cards and have made them poppers. So to counter it, I said I am a real estate agent. Well, I really am. I offered him a deal, just like he told many advantages of credit card, I told many advantages of having a home. Then I cut him a deal, if he can buy home from me (that too 20% below market rate) , I will get a credit card from him. That annoying fucker declined.

If I want food I can walk into a hotel and get it. Wonder when banks will really start serving people than making people borrowers and thus controlling their life’s.


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