Good correction in Engineering


It always happen, when ever I put out an job  post, many people would apply. when I give them  a  programming exercise, many back out, only one or two does it out of the 50 to 100 applicants.

Engineering quality in Tamilnadu is bad. Very very bad. The reason is most people see money rather than Engineering (i.e applying science and technology to solve problems). Parents want their kids to become  richer and have a happy life than to face and solve problems, and they push them into studies that get cheap money. Colleges knowing this, offer cozy classrooms with air conditioning, but throw in staff who have no knowledge, but charge thee students a fortune. In fact most engineering colleges in Tamilnadu are owned by corrupt politicians, rowdies, goons, liquor barons who want to convert their black money to white.

Now students have realized that engineering study is worthless,and most colleges offer fake education. They are turning away. Thats really good. Now people who are really passionate about engineering will go into it rather than those who want to make cheap money. This will increase the standard and quality of Tamilian engineers.

Colleges that are crap will be closed down, but I doubt Jeppiarian colleges will close though they are crap. They have too much money to die quickly. People won’t mess up with this beautiful discipline for greed any more. Thats good. In few years from now, if I put a job post, 5 people would apply, but out of that 3 might be good. Its far better than screening 1 in a 100.


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