BJP’s failures

Its only in second term as an Prime minister one would face challenges and loose popularity. Despite Modi’s showoffs, photo opps and big banner ads in news papers, I feel his government is failing. I would point why.

The Jallikattu Debacle

Pon Rahakrishnan – The BJP’s puppet

Tamils are a brave people, they would like to play nasty and brave. Only middle class Tamilians and the upper caste who seek favor from the rich and powerful are pussies, others have nakkal and naiyaandi mixed in their blood and would like to take stab on things.

To celebrate our bravery, there have been lot of sports. One is hunting. People would go into forest and would like to catch and hunt tigers, cheetahs without much weaponry. One would think thats stupid, but in reality under certain conditions even massive beasts become timid , and at that time if one strikes with surprise, one would win. Its both physical and mind game.

Many brave Tamilian sports have now disappeared after demilitarization of Tamilnadu by the British after square defeat of the Maruthu brothers, but Jallikattu remained. Yes bull were tortured, but under new rules agreed by bull owners they won’t be any more.

But as usual Aryan minded BJP wanted to crush this too. They made good use of their puppet Pon Radhakrishnan and made us believe that Jalikattu will happen, but they used other channels to block it secretly.

The fishing row with Srilanka

Sushma Swaraj – Failed Indian Foreign Minister

Sushma Swaraj, our now external affairs minister wowed that Indian fishermen will not be harassed by Srilankan navy. She went to Srilanka, held talks that was boasted by Tamil-isai-sounderajan, the big mouthed good for nothing BJP leader of Tamilnadu. But As Sushma was returning to back to India, our fishermen were attacked and harassed by the Srilankans. India did nothing about it.

Hindutwaising Indian Education

Smithi Irani – Hinduwaising Education

Hinduism is just an religion, based on non scientific stuff. Its as stupid as Christianity, Islam, Sikhism. Any good culture would place emphasis on science and technology and will not worry about religion, caste. Truth should be thought in education and not things based upon blind faith. Yet we feel casteism penetrating our education system.

IIT-Chennnai has lost its respect. Its locally known as Aiyar and Aiyangaar university. Though it claims to be open, people claim its these caste of people get selected into that institution. None knows how.

A dalit (an caste hated by Aryans) student committed suicide in Andhrapradesh. People say that the foreign minister Smithi Rani pressured the university to push him to a level to kill himself.

People are claiming that the clampdown and destruction of democracy in Jawarharlal Nehru University too is an act to push BJP influence in one of the freest thinking campus in India.

These stuff looks like these BJP people are neo Nazi’s in action.

My Thought

I did vote for BJP. I wanted them to rule India for 15 years, their strong anti-Pakistan push I  thought would lead us to  a ultimate war with Pakistan and a lasting peace in this continent. To have a successful war with a neighboring Terrorist nation we need good economic and scientific development. But all what I see is they trying to do some kind of ethnic cleansing or to bring about Aryan favorable culture. Perhaps its in the blood of Aryans and white skinned people to kill the dark colored one. Who knows? We saw the behavior  of Aryans in Germany! And behavior of Europeans to American Indians.

Worst still, this has given room to Rahul Gandhi to seek refuge in these anti Modi sentiments to act like coward Octavian of Rome, and to negotiate truce with BJP in the Deccan Herald case.

Ultimately corrupts in both BJP and congress would win and we the people will loose. Isn’t there freedom from these tyrants?


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