Makkal Nala Kuttani Takes Shape

Tamils in India are fed up with DMK and ADMK. The evolution of Dravida Kazhagam and DMK and ADMK was a necessity for Tamilians. If it was not for the genius of Annadurai , we wouldn’t have been  in a good shape compared to other states now. Tamilnadu is the prosperous state in India having its own cultural identity. But as the years past, the parties that were elected by Tamilians ignored their interest.

Karunanidhi was corrupt from first, then he became too corrupt. He became so obsessed with saving his family from corruption charges, he turned a blind eye to Srilanka’s genocide of Tamilians. Jayalalitha, the girl who likes to be queen is fit for nothing. All she had done was to strip AIADMK of its free thought and thinkers, and filled it with mindless puppets who are unfit to rule. And she went to very extremes to save her skin from corruption charges slapped on her.

We Tamils need a change. Vaiko who was once a superpower in the DMK started his own party MDMK, probably he did not like dynastic politics in DMK. He is a great leader. His stand on Srilankan Tamilian issue has been consistent. Thirumavalavan, a great Dalit leader was the architect of this alliance. He saw a chance to architect a grand alliance and he did it in style.

Usually politics in Tamilnadu is shaped liked this. There will be able people who can rule, and there will be people who are used for glamor. Thats why politicians in Tamilnadu had always gone hand in hand with sleaze / film industry. Its a great move. Men love women, so to sell cars and bikes to them, advertisers put sexy women along with the product so that people are attracted to it. Its the same with politics, this time its to get votes.

From Annadurai’s era, it has been MGR and Jayalalitha. Then various actors and actress came in and out. Now its Vijayakanth. Though Vijayakanth is now zero in film  industry and zero in politics too, he can be used to attract people due to comedy show he does every day.

In fact people like to watch Captain TV just too see his comedy dialog and activities. Though Vijaykanth will be the Chief Minister, the real rule will be done by Vaiko, and Thirumavalavan will concentrate on dalit upliftment. Possibly his party men who already are mostly goons to the outside world, will  turn become true devils. who knows?

Will this new alliance when it comes to power will end corruption? No way. Thiruma’s party and Vijayakanths party are both are funded by evil rich, people say, and they will end up becoming the next DMK and ADMK. Atleast what we are doing now is distributing huge Tamilnadu’s wealth to another set of families that are not super rich as Karunanidhi’s and Jayalalitha’s.


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