Tamilian news channels are stupid in Sci-Tech

I am writing about Tamilian news channels in Tamilnadu, India, not about Eelam Tamil news which is of high quality and probably best in the world. I am not writing about Tamil news in Malaysia, Canada and England. Those channels preserve Tamil and know about reporting, I am just talking about news channels in Tamilnadu.

Once I was watching Sun-Tv’s coverage of IRNSS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Regional_Navigation_Satellite_System . The reporter said that, once launched IRNSS would be able to provide GPRS service to the country. Its so poor that the reporter has no clue on whats GPS and whats GPRS. In fact IRNSS provides GPS like service to the subcontinent, but its not GPS. Its a competing service that would make India self sufficient in navigating its own terrain and it would be better and more accurate than GPS thats owned by USA.

Jaya TV has always been stupid in various reporting. Almost none watch it. No wonder it too made a blunder recently. India is  about to launch 22 satellites into orbit soon of which many are micro and nanosats. While reporting about it, Jaya TV  said India will launch 22 satellites that are built with micro and nano technology. I burst with laughter.

Its so sad. A great civilization today is the one that has rational thought and hence leads in science and technology. With news channels here that are no more than mouth pieces of political parties, Tamils in Tamilnadu will be prolonged to live in dark ages.


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