Powercuts back in Chennai

Looks like Chennai and Tamilnadu as a whole are hit by massive power cuts once again. Tamilnadu is going for elections, and  powercuts at this time won’t do the government good. For example during the last elections, DMK lost badly to AIADMK in Chennai mainly due to powercuts. There was so much cuts that the power minister was called as Power cut Veerasami rather than Arcot Veerasamy.

Every government thats in power in Tamilnadu claims that they are providing a golden rule where all are happy, they do this shameless propaganda despite much of the state being without power and many people are not even getting decent water to drink. I wonder why no government wants to investigate why the state is power deficit so much and why aren’t they taking concrete actions to repair it.

During the Chennai and Cudddalore floods the government could do nothing for us, but we survived and we lived, in the same way we citizens must takes this matter in our hands. People with money should install solar power plants on their roof tops. If power can be shared from home to home and can be generated from the sun, possibly we Chennai people can be free of power been controlled by the people with huge wealth and corrupted and who are in rule.

If we do not take matters in our hands I think we would need to live in dark for eternity.


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