Crowdsourcing traffic policing

I ride the OMR every day. Its comparatively wide road in Chennai, and some people misuse its freeness, they drive like mad crazy. Just last week I saw another accident, donno if the victim is dead or alive.

On  the first place I wonder why if an accident occur why not the RTO responsible is put into question. They are the ones who provide the license and they have a part in the mishap. I wonder how they escape.

Every time Chief Minister is visiting a place, there are heck a lot of police on road to provide law and order. Why aren’t there police in roads like OMR to see to that traffic is smooth and safe? How come the state find funds to keep Jayalalitha safe and not the public?

Why can’t we have a system of cameras in place which the public can view (on the internet) the traffic in real time, they can report traffic abusers, and the abuser will be charged automatically. If the guilt is proven , the person who finds out the traffic violation gets part of the fine as money. Why can’t we crowd source traffic policing if the state is unable to provide us with security?


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