Why Hindi people must learn Tamil

It was said long ago that all people must learn Hindi because its in Hindi heartland that the power lies. Congress ruled India, and it been dominated by Hindi people, it ignored the sentiments of other linguals and shamelessly proclaimed that all Indians should learn Hindi. Its as stupid as Soviet  Union enforcing Russian on all its Citizens and United States promoting English among Hawaiians.

When mainly the Tamils revolted, as people of other linguals lost their identity and succumbed to it, to convince us, the pro Hindi people said that its in Hindi states where jobs are, to be successful one must learn it.

Well what I see now? Like all oppressive powers, thee power of Hindi states of dwindled. Caught in old world, its their citizens I see in Tamilnadu as their economy has  stalled. Today I went to a paratta shop run by Hindi people who came to Tamil bastion because they can earn here better than in their own mother land. We Tamils have accepted them, as we have accepted all.

Yet the server at the paratta shop seemed like stupid, unable to understand what I say. He knows nothing but Hindi and wouldn’t learn Tamil.  Neither his owners will make him take Tamil tuitions , though loss of linguistic skills is impeding the business compared to a hotel where people knew Tamil very well they choose a life of stupidity.

The  times have changed. I think its time that government, the one in center should advertise to Hindi people to learn Tamil as it looks like all Hindi people are fleeing to our land. What about telling them to learn Marathi too.


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