The Pirate Party India Supports Direct Democracy


Almost none political party has in its agenda to make democracy a democracy . Our democracy is not true democracy. A democratic government is one in which people are involved in decision making. Does India really function in that way? No. We elect people who make decision for us. That ain’t democracy that shackling us, or we submitting ourself to some one to whom we give away the rights to take decisions for us.

Lets say that there is a piece of land, there is a proposal to sell it to a real estate builder so that your ward gets lot of money, but you feel that converting it into a park may not yield very high returns now, but would definitely benefit your community in the long run. So you goto a portal (either physical or virtual on the internet) and block the sale of land to real estate builder. If many people block it, as the results are visible to the public, your ward councilor is obliged to take a decision thats in line with peoples thoughts.

In other words, direct democracy eliminates middle men like ward councilors, MLA’s, MP’s, Ministers and so on and gives power to people. It stalls the looting of India by political parties. Its thats why no party in India talks about it, just like they had kept NOTA hidden from us for 60+ years.

The Pirate Party of India is different, currently it consists mostly of people who do not wish to loot I suppose. So it advocates direct democracy. My friend Praveen is on his campaign in Thiruvanathapuram advocating this direct democracy idea. He won’t win as he will not bribe you to cast a vote for him, but if you are a dignified person please support him.


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