East Side Sushi

I saw this film East Side Sushi, it was quiet excellent. Being a professional myself, I liked the film very much. I am a professional coder, that film talks about Sushi Chefs. Every profession has its nuances, and its an art by itself, people who like to do that work tend to learn and master it. This film talks about the art of cooking, the passion and sushi making.

Programming is the same. Its no different in its artistic soul when compared to other professions. There is a lot of difference between finishing a job and finishing a job in a good professional way.

I would like to talk about the I.T industry in India, we have driven down the prices so much, that there seems to be no good way to write code. Its sad, very sad. Good code takes time, thought and procrastination, and none of the code houses would like to provide that. Programmers are pushed to satisfy the short term needs of the client. That’s it. Many companies are managed not by people who code and value it, but by those who like to sell cheap Indian labour abroad.

Programmers on the other hand are not professionals either. Many go into technical education not to become a good technician, but to get money. In fact I.T field is in a such an immoral state because demons that want money has dominated it.

Many programmers just bow to pressure of money making and the management and loose their professionalism. They fail to put their feet down, anchor, face the storm and test their ideas against time. I wish this situation changes and people start to look coding as art rather than something to make lot of money in quick time.

East side sushi portrays a sushi bar that’s not managed by some one who does not know how to make sushi, but some one who is quiet a master and sees the value in it. As any one in East Asian culture, he is blinded by some culture and tradition, but he overcomes it and spots and employs right talent in his bar.

If you are a professional who values your skill and love to do what you do, and you like to improve yourself constantly, I wish you see this movie. It will be great. In real world such kind of good businesses that value skill may not exist, but at least you get some reprieve from the bleakness of human created trap for hour or two.


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