No more DMK and ADMK?

Tomorrow, we the Tamils of India are going to vote, its a big moment, either we can choose to obtain freedom from the corrupt and dreaded DMK and ADMK, or we can prove ourselves that we are fools who cannot liberate ourselves from these corrupt.

Well, will voting make a difference? Yes. If we elect some other power, it will take them time to establish a corruption network. Till the time they realize that, we can avoid corruption for a while. In the log run, I don’t think any power will be uncorrupted. We have seen even thee mighty AAP becoming undemocratic because of Anna Hazare’s actions, and Nitish Kumar unable to maintain law and order in his state Bihar.

To say that we can abolish liquor in state is a blatant false promise. Liquor provides revenue not only to the state, but the party that rules it gets huge revenues illegally from it. No party or ruler ever to rule Tamilnadu now and forever will have the guts to face the liquor industry.

No matter what ever rule comes, it will be submerged with big money an they will need to explain their financiers why they are doing good to the people even though its not getting them revenue. They will be mere puppets.

We can see this even before Makkal Nala Kuttani has come to power. People say that members of Vidulai Siruthaigal party behave like goons even if they are not in power. Vaiko went against liquor, but fell silent when he was questioned about his son’s tobacco business. Vijayakath’s Andaal Azhagar college has very bad reputation.

We really can’t believe we will be having a corrupt free and prosperous future where peoples rule will prevail. So lets wait and watch weather Tamils of India are stupid or could show little bit of brain work. If they show little bit of thought this time, that should be hailed as a miracle.


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