Poodr not so good

Poodr (Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby) written by Sandi Menz is not so good at all. Wonder why so  many Ruby people recommended it to me. I wonder what the book can be used instead of paper weight, and it costs so much.

Any college student who has done mini to mega projects in his or her college would have surely discovered best techniques in software development and would have learned it implicitly. Sandi just stitched some blog posts perhaps written by some college people and has put it as a book.

Its also funny to know westerners have come up with name for every type of coding technique conceivable or something. It would be dangerous if bosses of code houses read the book, they would be pesting their workers to follow these type of coding techniques. Even if the workers followed and if they don’t know the techniques name, they are gone!!!

I wish good engineering books are written which gives one  real knowledge than hype books like these.


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