Indian Map Control is Stupid

In another classic case where the authorities and bureaucrats in India have proved that they are stupid when it comes to information technology. India says it wants to regulate mapping applications, or any app that uses map in its territory. It says its corrupt bureaucrats must approve it before its been used in India!

Well is this possible? Maps are evolving thing. Tens of satellites photograph the globe many times a day. Thousands of volunteers edit maps every second, if everything must be verified and approved by Indian bureaucrats, then  entire nation must be shut off from using digital maps. Or our mas will be bloody outdated and might be showing wrong information that has no relation with present time.

The world knows that India is pathetically corrupt. You have to bribe for everything. Microsoft and Google focus on money and may not mind bribing Indian authorities to push their map updates into the country, but then what about maps that value user freedom like Open Street Map? It has got no money! Its run by a  bunch of volunteers, that’s it! How will it be able to bribe India? if it cannot, it will be banned in the nation. A source of free and pure mapping if not available to a nation, then it will immensely harm productivity.

I wonder which ministers son or daughter has started a cartographic service, or wonder which one known to politicians at the top has started a business so that he or she could earn billions from this stupid law passing. I wonder how a nation could call itself a free one when it cannot reveal its citizens its map, that too one edited by its own people.

The fact hat politicians are listening to corrupt bureaucrats rather than people who love freedom, itself shows that people who are in power and making decision are corrupt and freedom and truth phobic.


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