Corruption Triumphs in Tamilnadu

It was very clear from the Tamilian election result that corruption has triumphed in a spectacular way. Only the main political parties were able to get seats in assembly and others were just wiped out.

The election commission, its said snatched about 100 crores of money that should have been to use bribe voters, well even for a tiny ward election, people are spending more than 25 crores, that is the top two candidates will spend total of 50 to 100 crores its gossiped, then for entire Tamilnadu, perhaps thousands and lakhs of crores must have been spent bribing voters. Out of that just catching 100 crores is minuscule.

The AIADMK has certainly expanded their liquor empire and they had huge stash to spend it, the DMK was involved in huge scams while they were in state and central rule and they too bought voters its said.

The two parties has got huge number of corrupt businessmen funding them like factory and liquor owners, building contractors (who must be blamed for misplanning and flooding of Chennai),  quary owners and so on and so forth. They would have given these parties huge bribes so that they can loot the state.

All this election has proved is that Tamils are naturally corrupt and corruption runs in their blood. Possibly nothing can be done about it. Any one can bribe us to rule our land and snatch away our wealth. Wonder when people will get educated?


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