The world is mismanaged – What happened to cheap fission power?

When fission was possible, it was holy grail for scientists and philosophers. Not because of its destructive powers, but because of its potential for immense energy. People literally thought that electricity made by it would be so cheap that one need not pay bills at all. But whats the state of energy today?

I live in Tamilnadu, India, and electricity costs dear. I have to turn off lights when I am not in a place so that the bills would reduce. I had to buy appliances with BES star rating so that my bills would not shoot up. What happened?

Okay India is a country which USA and China doesn’t like to grow. We had sanctions on us in space, nuclear and other hi-tech sectors, so we stalled in development. What about USA and Japan? In USA nuclear power is almost extinct. In Japan, though it powers most of the houses and businesses, its not cheap.

Something is wrong with humanity. We must investigate who really blocked cheap power to masses. I suspect few rich people. Just like J.P.Morgan jeopardized the work of Tesla, it could be some oligarchic power that would have done it. “If one cannot make money with cheap fission power, why have it?”, They would have said.

We should have gone to the moon for the benefit of whole humanity, not to show one form of economic system is superior to another. The way the world is run sucks.


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